BY-R1 (Byron)

Marauding Cartography Droid


Hired Gun – Marauder


Kind of unknown beginnings. Clearly a battle droid, originally, but knows its programming is for cartography.

Memory was partially wiped—doesn’t remember who its master was. (past tense because Byron has enough self awareness to know few people would mess with a battle droid that doesn’t think it has a master).

Because it doesn’t know where its programming came from, refers to being programmed by “mother” but does not know of any formal master. Tried to make a living by following his programming—as a cartographer—but people were not happy with its maps.

Has instead made a living as a hired gun, but enjoys map-making all the same.

Not good with social situations—“I’m a monster”—but wants to fit in and be part of a group.


Was hired by Gogue to map out a part of Alderaan he was unfamiliar with. Unfortunately, BY-R1 brought them to the wrong planet, which it proceeded to poorly map the area before Gogue found out that they (thankfully) weren’t on Alderaan…since it had just been destroyed. Gogue found meaning in this, as his life had probably just been saved.

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BY-R1 (Byron)

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