A BB series droid, he was originally owned by a dysfunctional family. Instead of putting him in charge of maintenance, the lazy parents put him in charge of babysitting their daughter (neglected princess “Mabey” kind of character).

So, now he has function/identity issues which make him super tentative about everything. He also has severe confidence issues, because he had no idea what he was doing when babysitting the “princess.” As a result, he hates being the center of attention, and much prefers operating quietly in the background.

The “princess” he was in charge of babysitting was always getting into trouble. Over the years he was in charge of watching her, he got very good at bailing her out, but he hated having to do that, so he turn into a huge stickler for following rules.

But the “princess” didn’t like him much, so he also lives for praise and will do anything to be liked and accepted by the group he’s with. When she lost interest in the droid, BB-NA was transferred to CHAS FAMILY lieu of a payment for ship repairs. The droid ended up being assigned to CHAS’ family where he found


A big fan of CHAS’ CHARACTER’s magic—BB-NA wants to please and CHAS always wants a fan. Some may characterize their relationship as codependency, but they call it a great match.

Joined BY-R1 (Byron) and Gogue on their journey to “Alderaan”. After taking note of BY-R1’s sub-par cartography skills, BB-NA has done his best to help fix some of the map quality issues ever since.


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