A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Edge of the Empire

The Edge of Development

It is a period of unrest and opportunity in the galaxy. The galactic empire struggles to maintain control in the midst of civil war. Meanwhile, scoundrels, smugglers, and low-lifes of all sorts scramble for a living on the edges of galactic civilization.

On the shipyards of Kuat, a four such fringers have come across a smuggling opportunity under the front of being of salespeople for the shipbuilding company KUAT SYSTEMS ENGINEERING, to make themselves some much-needed credits, but they’ll need to keep the company from being dismantled by its parent company KUAT DRIVE YARDS.

To be successful, the team knows that they need a sizable ship of their own, but not just any ship will do, and the ones here at the shipyard are not the right fit. They found a bargain on just the starship they need to make this opportunity a reality…assuming they can get to it before someone else makes a better offer.


  • Ali’Possible – The awe-striking Twi’lek magician who needs to help his family to keep trouble from coming his way.
  • BB-NA – The helpful astromech droid who fills in the gaps with his wrench, medkit, or a friendly reminder of the applicable policies and procedures.
  • BY-R1 – The marauding cartography droid who makes sure people don’t back out of their end of a deal.
  • Gogue – The crafty Bothan who always seems to have an angle—and if he wants, is neither-seen-nor-heard.


Slow sales at Kuat Systems Engineering led to rumors that the company is being re-integrated under Kuat Drive Yard. As a result, most of the sales and delivery crews have cut their ties to find work elsewhere. This is, of course, because most of the money that they made was through smuggling operations behind the scenes of legitimate Kuat Systems Engineering business. Acquiring parent, Kuat Drive Yard, deals mostly with Imperial contracts—which will likely spell the end of this and working for the Empire is not exactly a hot prospect for smugglers, leading them to find work elsewhere.

The leaders of KSE, including members of Ali’Possible’s family, have borrowed heavily in order to keep the company afloat. If it is integrated into KDY they will lose everything and have massive debts to repay with few prospects to make that happen.

Fortunately, the acquisition hasn’t actually taken place…so Ali assembled a ragtag group (BB-NA, BY-R1, and Gogue) to help him.

Not having much any experience, they were offered some sales prospecting duties and loaned a small, cramped, ship that barely got them from point A to point B. Whether through luck or skill, they actually started seeing some success. They also quickly learned that there are customers ready to pay good credits for smuggling services under the table. A few good sized jobs like that could get them some breathing room from the acquisition. Their biggest limitation is their very undersized ship, which isn’t even something they own.

Seeing this opportunity, the crew has decided to purchase a KSE “model ship”, a Wayfarer class medium transport, in lieu of payment for the last few jobs. Though much of the interior components will be just “ship-fill” (replica models of systems to demonstrate functionality, but are completely empty inside), they should make for a great way to smuggle goods of all sizes without attracting too much attention. The whole crew is excited for this ship, especially since they’re getting it for such a bargain…assuming they can get to it before someone else makes a better offer for it.

It’s the Edge of Development.

Edge of Development

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